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Valo Queen

Queen's Graphic Community
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The Queen

Welcome to valo_queen's graphic community. I actually shared my works at my personal journal but have decided to keep them separate.
If you like my work, feel free to join this community. :)

I really love to see people who using my icons, but there
are some little things I ask you follow:

1. Don't steal. Be nice and credit. These are the most important things for me. Because I put a lot of effort and passion into my graphics to share with people. I always give credit original artists or base, brush, texture makers too, for using their works. It's a rule for me..

2. Membership is moderated here. This means, I will first need to approve your membership request. When I see a join request, I check out the person’s userpics first. Because I only accept the ones who give proper credit to other icon makers icons. If you don't credit the others icons, you will not accepted.

3. Credit is a MUST! When you use my icons credit me in your icon key words or comments please. Mainly so others can find the journal. Credit either valo_queen or valoqueen if/when used.

4. If you take an icon or so, please comment on my entry and tell me what you took. I love hearing feedback.

5. Don't claim my icons as your own and don't change or modify them.

6. Do not hotlink.

7. Don't request.

Don't take it personally if you're not accepted. I have nothing against you.

You're not accepted because:

1. The icons you're using are uncredited.
2. You have an empty or inactive journal.
3. Your journal is not older than a month.
4. You're acting rude.



kehleyr_icons icons_by_mea

Feel free to take a banner and link back to my community on your info page.

If you want to be an affiliate comment here.

Upload my banners to your own server, copy and paste this code

When i making my icons i use textures, brushes, bases, fonts, etc... I also credit the original artists. You can see all my resources here.

My awards are listed here.